Q. What modalities do you use?

A. I draw from many different disciplines, but my approach is primarily person-centered, humanistic, and existential. I also draw from different wisdom traditions and philosophical systems, depending on what is most meaningful to you. Ultimately, this is your journey. I am here to help cultivate a space that most aligns with who you are.

Q. What is an LMHCA? 

A. An LMHCA is a licensed mental health care associate, and am a licensed to practice in Washington State. I earned my MA in Humanistic Psychology from Saybrook University.

Q. Who do you work with?

A. I work primarily with adults, although please contact me if you have a child or adolescent who needs support. I work with people of all ages.

Q. Do you host seminars or retreats for groups?

A. Yes, please contact me for more information about this.