"Once a soul has been refreshed it changes the meaning of everything it encounters, and the consequence of the encounter.”

What is a Soul-Centered Approach to Wellness?


You have an inherent and unique energy, a "you-ness", if you will.

We call that soul. Oftentimes our souls lie dormant. There's a small voice that tells us it's there, but often many barriers stand between us and activating our souls.

Those barriers can be trauma, pain, internal and external voices that tell us we simply can't, we're not enough...barriers can come from anywhere.

We see spirit as the activation of soul, as bringing your "you-ness" forward. In working together, our hope is that you find more than just your health.

Finding your health is one way to bring out who you truly are. When you have true health, when you have wellness, you are able show up in the world in the way that you want. And we're here to help.