What We Offer

Whether you are one person looking for support, or a group hoping to host a training or seminar, we will work with you to find the right fit.

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Personal growth, well-being and life coaching

For those looking to grow and lean further into the unrealized, untapped borderlands of themselves and their relationships, this is the place.

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life challenges and transitional spaces

There are situations, circumstances, and occurrences that keep us back, causing us dis-ease/distress, or continue to take up our energy. These are the things that burden us, trouble us, or cause us to feel significant angst or despair. If this sounds familiar, let's talk and see whether this offering might be the right thing for you. 


psychological trauma and post-traumatic growth

If you are looking to heal after a significant event or events that have overwhelmed your ability to think clearly, to put a name to what you are feeling, or to navigate the world the same way you were able to before, I am here to witness what needs to be seen, and to help you integrate what has been most challenging for you.