What We Offer

Whether you are one person looking for support, or a group hoping to host a training or seminar, we will work with you to find the right fit.

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Personal growth, well-being and life coaching

For those looking to grow and lean further into the unrealized, untapped borderlands of themselves and their relationships, this is the place.

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life challenges and transitional spaces

Many people find therapy because some event has split their life open. In these spaces, the life we once led is cut off from us. Although sometimes it can be difficult to see in the moment, these unexpected crisis can be a gift, not to be refused—an initiation preparing us for a new life. If this place sounds familiar, let's talk.


psychological trauma and post-traumatic growth

Are you looking to heal after a significant event or events that have overwhelmed your ability to think clearly, to put a name to what you are feeling, or to navigate the world the same way you were able to before? I am here to witness and help you rediscover your own essential being in the wake of trauma, so that you may reemerge in a renewed self and world.


Spiritual integration

This includes support and guidance for those who want to sink deeper into their own spiritual or religious process. Together, we will lean more into the mystery through such avenues as spiritual integration, spiritual development, mystical experiences, spiritual gifts and experiences with sacred plants.  



Group seminars and retreats offer an opportunity for individuals to come together, develop deeper connections, and share in the power of the collective.



Offering support and psychological care for individuals diagnosed with type II diabetes.  Individuals who are looking to care for or potentially reverse this condition through the exploration of the psychological roots and continued behavior that prevents healthy lifestyle choices.