Hello, I'm Aaron Pascoe, MA, LMHCA. I believe that all individuals have the innate power to heal, and be well. My approach to therapy is based around partnership and collaboration. I will walk with you, wherever the path may lead, standing beside you in the process of your own discovery. 

To me, the role of a therapist is to stand beside a person who’s contemplating going into a dark wood in their life, and not to find them a path, but to walk behind them in support and service of the path they choose. To hold a lantern and illuminate the shadows to reveal the wholeness, healing, and wellbeing within. I seek to be a guide to individuals on their own journey toward authentic whole person living.

Training and Credentials


  • Master of Arts, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, Saybrook University, 2017
  • Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience minor, Wilkes University, 2007
  • Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki, Alexandria, VA, 2010


Professional Credentials and Affiliations

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate, Washington Department of Health #60829462
  • Clinical Member, WPCA, Washington Pastoral Counseling Association
  • Clinical Member, AHP, Association of Humanistic Psychology
  • Clinical Member, ATP, Association for Transpersonal Psychology


Clinical Experience

  • Advanced Doctoral Internship, University of Washington, 2015/16
  • Child Psychiatric Specialist, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, D.C., 2010/13
  • Behavior Specialist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-occurring disabilities, Alexandria, VA, 2008/10

Life Experience

For me, the processes of introspection and personal development are fundamental aspects of being, ways of making sense of the world. Ways of becoming fully human. I view life as an unfolding mystery and have spent considerable time exploring the edges of meaning and the border lands of being both privately (reading, meditation, journaling, traveling, spiritual retreats, etc.) and with support (therapy, educational training, spiritual guidance, etc.) 

In my view, our lives merge with the world around us. As we are changed by the world, so to do we change the world. The process of personal inquiry is a commitment to understanding not only our inner worlds, but also the outer world in which we live.

My life has offered me many opportunities to open up to the depths of this human experience. Each season of my life has seen its share of visitors in the form of grief, loss, transition, joy, love, deep sorrow, angst, and uncertainty. These visitors have all left me more prepared and more available to engage with the soul of the world. 

Embodying each of these experiences, opening up to their ‘Truth”, Wisdom, and guidance have given me the resources to speak with others about the varied and many emotion states, experiences, and process of life from “the inside”, thus creating a container for deep and profound healing. 

Finally, my own spiritual commitment—the practice of returning to the solace and truth of my own life journey, to the wisdom of experience, and to inherent wholeness, serves as a commitment to the process of healing and transformation both for myself and for clients who are already on, or just embarking on their own personal journey toward healing, growth, and transcendence. 

Personal Attributes

It is my belief that we do not live in a society that values true authentic being, sensitivity, or introversion. 

Our collective culture can be at times hostile, aggressive, insensitive, ego centric, and competitive. To stand in one’s own ‘Truth’ and honor one’s own unique gifts can be intimidating in a world that rewards conformity and collusion. 

However, sensitivity, introversion, empathic attunement, a spiritual openness, and curiosity about life have allowed me to occupy the borderlands of being, the in-between spaces of living—the edges of experience. 

This allows me to empathically enter into relationship with others, to appreciate the subtleties of experience and to consider the deeper meanings that lie beyond words. 

It is in this way the psychotherapy allows me to recognize these gifts and use them in service of others and humanity in general. My goal is to bring to each session a non-judgmental openness, curiosity, unconditional acceptance, and helping to create a space of authentic healing on a soul level.